Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UPDATE! And new character!

Oh. My. Avril. School has been exhausting. WHY COME NOBODY TELLS ME JUNIOR YEAR IS A BITCH? well. Never mind. I'm soon to be going to a Movie Night at my church! We're watching SOUL SURFER:) But I wanted to put up a new character since I haven't had anytime lately!

This is Maycee:)

She's a really quiet, hardworker. (Your basic Asian) She's a sweetheart who gets weird.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book Character #1: Jorden

Name: Jorden Rainer
Age: 16, going into Junior year.
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Media: Dance
Jorden is a character my best friend Kiara, and I, named. The name was kinda... just perfect. He's a really sweet guy. Funny, and has a big heart. He can get sort of hard-headed and tends to let his heart fly away though. But I have a feeling he'll end up being my favorite character, or at least one of them!! Here's a picture of who I picture him as:

Got my Schedule!

Ok. Here's my schedule...

Tingle: Algebra II
Not really sure I'll like it 1st period, but it'll be fun with Shelby and Julian in there!! And Mrs. Tingle is amazing!

Cain: Chorus-S
I'm pretty sure that "S" stands for "Superior" or "Special". Mainly because of who all will be in my classes.

Tucker: Accelerated English III
Super excited! She seemed really nice and energetic today! We'll see if it stays that way when she finds out I haven't done my Journals... XD

Mahan: Chemistry
Really not happy with this being during my lunch period. Plus... I haven't heard of anyone in my Chemistry class! I hope I'm not stuck with Sophomores. Though I like some of them... *FINGERS CROSSED*

Sanders/Ivey: Band
Best. Class. Ever. Mrs. Ivey is amazingly fun! Cannot wait to start marching and playing my solo!!

Smith: US History
I'm glad I got him. He seems like he'd be a good teacher. PLUS!!!! Shelby and Katie are in my class! AS WELL AS JULIAN! :D:D:D

Watson: Journalism
OMAVRIL! She made this class sound like SOOOO much fun today! Can't wait to start on the annual and new broadcasts!

Junior year is sounding amazing so far:) We'll see!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm writing a book! :D

hello the few people in the world who might actually read my blog:) I have decided to write a book. It's going to be about a Performing Arts High School! Ironic? No. It's based on Kiara's experiences at her school! So to make this all cool like... I'm going to post a character from the story! :D Until all 14 are all happily posted:) So.... the next post will be a dancer! :D LOOK FORWARD TO IT!

New Hair and Excited About Tomorrow!

TOMORROW IS THURSDAY! :D I get to see Kiara, eat a taco, show off my new hair, and get my schedule! Awesomeness? I do believe so!

Today I went and spent 4 and a half hours at a beauticians, with my grandmother, and got a haircut and some new color! I got black in my hair baby:) Plus it's really short and makes me smile!

On to the topic of tomorrow. It's the last time I'll see Kiara before she leaves... oh sigh. But we'll be Skyping for sure:) I'm really happy right now! Now... onto Tumblr so I can be entertained!

BTW: Totally listening to Britney Spears cuz I'm just that bad-ass:)

Home Alone! :D

Does anyone else find it so absolutely peaceful to be home alone?

I do. I like just being able to turn my music up as loud as I want! And dance around like an idiot:) That's always fun:)

I figured since I was here, I might as well do a small post about how much I enjoy being HOME ALONE! :D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My DREAM Schedule:)

OMAVRIL! I'm having to type this AGAIN!

So... I'm gonna cut it short:) SORRY!!!

Every year when we fill out our schedules, I make up my dream schedule, complete with Class, Period, Teacher, and so forth:)

Here's what I'd like for my Junior Year! WHICH STARTS IN 5 DAYS! Without Kiara... :(

1st Period: Honors Choir: Mrs. Cain

2nd Period: Chemistry: Unknown

3rd Period: Journalism/Annual Staff: Mrs. Watson

4th Period: Accelerated English 2: Mrs. Gardener

5th Period: High School Band: Ms Sanders and Mrs Ivey

6th Period: U.S. History: Coach Boone or Coach Bond

7th Period: Algebra 2: Mrs. Tingle

The classes you see bolded are the ones I'm most excited about! :D We'll see if that remains:)

The names that are italicized are teachers I am excited about!

I'll be getting  my actual schedule Thursday! We're having our annual Open House and my best  friend will hopefully be coming with me:) She's gonna be there when I find out! :D:D:D Hopefully. After Taco Bell:)

So I'll be posting my actual schedule, along with my thoughts on that:)

Oh well:) hopefully this one won't delete:) 

Smile dears:)