Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life on a College Campus:)

Ok. Coming from Conehatta to Hattiesburg is SUCH a huge difference. There's actually coffee shops and book stores. I was kind of overwhelmed on the first night, because I was in a new place and all the new people I met, were SOOOOOOO nice:) I've definitely lost a lot of sleep time but it's all worth it! So let's go through the people I met. First we have my fellow group members, Helen, John, Savannah, and Zoe. Helen was one of the first people I talked to. She's a really nice, honest, kind of awkwardly funny! John is the skinny perfectionist! He's REALLY good at JD2! Savannah actually went to Newton County before! So therefore, she knows what I have to go through:) She's a good leader. Very experienced and knowledgeable on a lot of things writing! Zoe was the last group member I met. She's really nice and outgoing. She doesn't mind being on camera and she always has really great ideas:) Other people I met that stood out were Yolanda and Will. They aren't in my group, but they are super fun to hang around with! Yolanda (Yoda) is a brainiac! She's in like a million AP classes and she's getting ready to go to college! She's definitely a cool kid! Will is the jokester! He's really kind! He is a "semi-professional nerd" and he is proud of it! Well that's all that I can remember from the first day! OH! The Fab Five got 2nd on the Scavenger Hunt! :D Peace out!

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  1. Woohoo! Whoever wrote this is so smart! and funny! and handsome! and AMAZING!