Thursday, August 4, 2011

Got my Schedule!

Ok. Here's my schedule...

Tingle: Algebra II
Not really sure I'll like it 1st period, but it'll be fun with Shelby and Julian in there!! And Mrs. Tingle is amazing!

Cain: Chorus-S
I'm pretty sure that "S" stands for "Superior" or "Special". Mainly because of who all will be in my classes.

Tucker: Accelerated English III
Super excited! She seemed really nice and energetic today! We'll see if it stays that way when she finds out I haven't done my Journals... XD

Mahan: Chemistry
Really not happy with this being during my lunch period. Plus... I haven't heard of anyone in my Chemistry class! I hope I'm not stuck with Sophomores. Though I like some of them... *FINGERS CROSSED*

Sanders/Ivey: Band
Best. Class. Ever. Mrs. Ivey is amazingly fun! Cannot wait to start marching and playing my solo!!

Smith: US History
I'm glad I got him. He seems like he'd be a good teacher. PLUS!!!! Shelby and Katie are in my class! AS WELL AS JULIAN! :D:D:D

Watson: Journalism
OMAVRIL! She made this class sound like SOOOO much fun today! Can't wait to start on the annual and new broadcasts!

Junior year is sounding amazing so far:) We'll see!!!

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