Friday, July 29, 2011

Only a week away...

In 7 very short days, my best friend is leaving for Performing Arts High School... I'm seriously so twisted on the whole thing. I am happy that she's following her dreams, I'm sad that she's leaving, I'm excited that she'll meet new people, I'm jealous that I can't go too. Kiara is by far, the best friend ever. She knows when to make me laugh and when to comfort me. She knows me WAY too well:) I'm totally gonna miss my Dora. I just hope she has fun at her new school. I want her to be happy. Plus...when we graduate we'll be going to Missouri! :D I am really gonna miss praying at lunch, and her punching me in the stomache, and  how she'd wipe her hand on my shirt/jacket. Then how she'd go in the bathroom just to blow her nose cuz she doesn't like people to listen to her do that! I'll miss messing up her hair, and talking about our babies cuz we both love them sooooo much:) I'll miss her "toe"! I'll miss her always wanting to draw on my arms and hands:) In other words, I'll miss that almost-midget Mexican:) When you read this Kiara, know that I'll miss you! :D Bye now:)

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