Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My DREAM Schedule:)

OMAVRIL! I'm having to type this AGAIN!

So... I'm gonna cut it short:) SORRY!!!

Every year when we fill out our schedules, I make up my dream schedule, complete with Class, Period, Teacher, and so forth:)

Here's what I'd like for my Junior Year! WHICH STARTS IN 5 DAYS! Without Kiara... :(

1st Period: Honors Choir: Mrs. Cain

2nd Period: Chemistry: Unknown

3rd Period: Journalism/Annual Staff: Mrs. Watson

4th Period: Accelerated English 2: Mrs. Gardener

5th Period: High School Band: Ms Sanders and Mrs Ivey

6th Period: U.S. History: Coach Boone or Coach Bond

7th Period: Algebra 2: Mrs. Tingle

The classes you see bolded are the ones I'm most excited about! :D We'll see if that remains:)

The names that are italicized are teachers I am excited about!

I'll be getting  my actual schedule Thursday! We're having our annual Open House and my best  friend will hopefully be coming with me:) She's gonna be there when I find out! :D:D:D Hopefully. After Taco Bell:)

So I'll be posting my actual schedule, along with my thoughts on that:)

Oh well:) hopefully this one won't delete:) 

Smile dears:)

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